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Priority Support

Use Phaser Computers as your main point of call for IT Issues as we guarantee service over our public customers. We can arrange a monthly plan to help cash flow and be at your business for emergencies within the hour!

Start-up Business whole package

Starting a new business? Have you thought about servers, computers, accounting software and how that will integrate into your whole company? We won’t oversell you anything, we will make sure you have exactly what you need!

Server support

Make sure your server is running smoothly with no hiccups!

Get your software and business in the cloud!

Can you access your emails from wherever you are, on your phones and around the world? We particularly specialise in cloud computing and making your business more efficient and reducing costs.

Website Design

As well as simple websites, we can arrange more complex systems such as online shopping carts that directly download into your accounting systems saving you loads of time and money!