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Cloud Computing in the Accounting World

Cloud computing is becoming more and more increasing within many industries. Computing in which services and storage

are provided over the Internet (or in the “cloud”) such as Email, Accounting, Payroll and files. These systems are all becoming apart of the cloud where to use and access them you log in through your web browser.

Cloud Computing has the following advantages:

  • Stored on secure servers around the world. No lost files if your work computer crashes.
  • Access these systems from any computer around the world.
  • Unlimited access for multiple users around the world.
  • Less hardware requirements, you need only an internet connection
  • Regular Free updates to the software, with little to no downtime at all.
  • Phone versions available. Most cloud computing solutions are iPhone compatible. Imagine finishing a project, logging onto your iPhone and invoicing the customer straight to their email inbox!
  • No big software costs. A small montly fee is charged, this helps manage cash flow better as well.
  • Support is usually free & included

So who can benefit from the cloud the most?

Individuals & Small/medium businesses

What’s available in the cloud for my business?

So, I want to work in the cloud! Where should I start?

Xero accounting system is a great easy place to start in getting into cloud computing. Dropbox is another easy one too. Alot of these sites have video overviews of what the software does, we recommend checking them out to see what it can actually do for you.

If you would like some help deciding, what solutions would be suitable, you can contact Phaser Computers and we would be glad to help you out 🙂

Alternatively, all the sites mentioned above have free trials, try them out for yourself and see the potential of cloud computing.