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5820k and MSI X99a Gaming 7 Overclocking Settings – 4.5ghz

My new setup includes 5820k and MSI X99a Gaming 7 and today I put it through the tests to see what I could pull out of it. Below is what I have tried so far, I will keep updating as I have more time to test.

My full system log is here: http://au.pcpartpicker.com/p/hrvP4D

4.4ghz @ 1.200v @ 78 degrees – Passed
4.6ghz @ 1.200v = Failed
4.5ghz @ 1.200v @ 80 degrees – Failed after 3 hours.
4.5ghz @ 1.205 @ 81 degrees – Worked – However did not test long enough, see below.

Once I was releatively stable on the above, I wanted to get my ram up to its set speed of 3000mhz. I have the following ram – http://www.gskill.com/en/product/f4-3000c15d-16gvrb which is rated for 3000mhz at 15-16-16-35-2N

I turned on XMP which set this mode, however my base clock jumped up to 125. So I then lowered my multiplier to 36, which brand my total speed back to 4.5ghz.

Currently still testing this as my 24/7 Setup.

I test settings by trying with MSI command centre first, then once im happy, save as a overclocking profile in bios.

All I have changed is all cores to 45 multiplier, then go into voltage and change CPU core voltage to 1.205
I also configured my fans so that they idle until they hit over 60 degrees, then they go to 100%, that way fans only are noisy when CPU is near or at full load.

You probably want to keep temps under 90 degrees at full load, 85 degrees is nice.

Post your settings below if you have same cpu/motherboard combo and how you achieved it.