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Top Android apps For your phone – 2011

Last year i posted a list of great Android apps since i changed over from an iPhone.

Here’s an updated list of my current apps. I haven’t compiled a top 10 list, but

have a look at the top 10 apps from the previous article here.

Amazon Kindle – Digital Books
Angry Birds – Awesome game
Angry Birds – Awesome game
Angry Birds – Awesome game
Backup to Gmail – Backs up all your SMS/mms/calls to your gmail
Beautiful Widgets – Good looking time and weather widget
Bible – Best Bible App resource
Chrome to Phone – Send links or a page from your chrome browser straight to your phone
Docs – Google document on your phone

– Fastest Bible app
Facebook – Facebook…
FireFlies Live Wallpaper – Sweet wallpaper
Fruit Ninja – Awesome game
Handcent SMS – Best SMS application ever. Disable your default one and use this
LauncherPro – This is the best android launcher in

my opinion
Lookout – Locate your phone via GPS coordinates or make it ‘scream’ if you have lost it in the couch
Paper Toss – Awesome Game
Pure calendar widget – The best calendar widget
Quota – Good app for seeing how much usage you have used on your ISP or mobile. supports nearly every provider
RunKeeper – Awesome fitness app to see how far you have run
Schedalls – schedule SMS to automatically send at a specific time and repeat
Screen Filter – Makes your phone go dimmer to extreme levels to save battery
ShareMyApps – This app
collates all your apps and helps share/email them all to your friends
Shazam – Can tell you what songs on the radio are
Skype – Great for calling on data or chatting on skype
Skyrocket Live Wallpaper – Awesome wallpaper that has realistic fireworks show!
SMS2PC – My most used app. if your in front of your computer alot, this makes your phone like a chat client. you can reply to SMS from.a chat screen on your computer.
SMSBomber – Can spam your friends with sms
Titanium Backup – Backs up your whole phone
TripView – Shows all the bus/train timetables
Unblock Me Free – Awesome game
Virgin Usage Meter – Shows virgin mobile usage
Wunderlist – Great to do list
Zedge – Download free ringtones and wallpapers

Best And Top Android Apps 2010 That Will Make You Dribble


I’m now a android lover after switching from a iPhone 3gs to a Samsung galaxy S 6 months ago.

My current apps look something like this.
75 total, 68 free (90%), 7 paid (9%) | Total Size: 138MB
Total spent: $14.99

You can view the list of my installed apps here.

Here i will note some must have

apps for your droid and a few other cool apps as well. Im not going to write an essay about each of them, just list them and hopefully you can download them and see how good they are for yourself.

Top 10 Apps

  1. Handcent SMS. – The best sms application ever.
  2. SMS2PC – Probably the most used app. If your in front of your computer alot, this makes your phone like a chat client, however you can reply to people via sms from a chat screen on your computer. Well worth the $4
  3. Launcher Pro – This is the fastest and best launcher available.
  4. Switch pro Widget – The widget is best for your homescreen. Currently mine displays battery %, wireless toggle, blutooth toggle, vibrate/silent/loud toggle, a flashlight, 3g toggle, and a shutdown and restart button.
  5. Bible – Best bible app with heaps of offline version such as ESV for viewing straight from your phone.
  6. Isyncr – This app enables you to sync itunes to your android phone just like a iphone. You can also sync over wifi without a cord!
  7. Poweramp – An awesome music player, has a 30day demo but costs a big $5 for this one.
  8. Gtasks – If you use google tasks, this is a great widget that keeps your tasks in sync
  9. Pure Calendar Widget – If you use your calendar alot this is a must. So customisable and can be a widget you wont know what to do with yourself.
  10. Skype – Voip over your mobile. brilliant!

Top Games

  1. Paper Toss
  2. Angry Birds
  3. Unblock me
  4. Robodefense
  5. The Moron Test

Other Cool Apps

  1. Go Sydney – Train & bus times
  2. Shazam – Listens to a piece of music and will tell you the artist and song.
  3. Sydney Traffic Cameras
  4. Zedge ringtones and wallpapers – Heaps and heaps of ringtones and wallpapers for your phone
  5. Ringdroid – Crops
    songs on your phone and sets them as your ringtone
  6. Schedule Sms Wishes – Ever wanted to remind yourself via a sms or remind someone else? This can schedule sms messages to your contacts.
  7. SMS Backup – Backup your sms and save it in a excel spread sheet for safe keeping.
  8. Google Chrome to phone – Ever wanted to get a webpage you were looking at on your computer to your phone? With this app you just click a button and it launches on your phone

What is your favourite apps? Please share in the comments.