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I have many questions regarding which one to buy, so here it is. Buy the Falcon! It’s only a few $$ more and its way better!

  1. Racer 250 Is old model, Falcon 250 is its replacement. As time goes on you will see replacement parts disappear for racer 250, while replacements for Falcon will last much longer.
  2. Falcon can fit bigger battery 3s/4s as its mounted on top. Racer 250 has a battery slide in tray and struggles to get 4s in.
  3. Falcon  250 has much better ESCS, they can handle 4s a lot better and much better specs.
  4. Arms on Racer 250 break a lot more easily than Falcon. Falcon has carbon arms, very durable.
  5. Falcon specs mainly motors and ESCS are much better. Once you have put in a few hours you will want to get faster and more aggressive, one way to do this is going straight to 4s batteries, once you do, you don’t go back to 3S.
  6. Falcon ESCS support oneshot, however Racer 250’s does not.

If Falcon is so much better, why do you still sell Racer 250?
Because people keep buying it! I’m hoping more people will read this guide and demand will slow and more will buy the Falcon.

Falcon is more expensive!
You can usually buy it RTF Falcon for only $30-50 more. Totally worth it!

Which do you fly?
I own Quad racers myself, I started on Falcon 250. I since have tried Racer 250, it does not compete with Falcon at all!

The motors mounts scare me!
Please read our guide here, we recommend you remove them straight away anyway!

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