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This board gives you the ability to mount the usb port externally where ever you want!

First of all, you can simply flash Cleanflight / Betaflight by plugging it into the label F3 like so


The board comes with Cleanflight 1.10 as standard.

To flash another version or betaflight choose options below.

2016-08-12 17_34_10-Cleanflight - Configurator

Now to setup your OSD, change the port to label OSD as below.

The F3 board is preloaded with MWOSD.

Download MWOSD 1.6 (Version we used) click connect and setup as required.

Everything else is the same as a standard F3 Chip.

If you want to upgrade MWOSD or put other OSD software on it you can follow our other guide here

How to Flash MWOD and setup OSD and Configure

Here is a wiring schematic for SBUS receiver and telemetry connections:

sp3 v2 hookup


Dont forget to turn on Serial connection in Cleanflight on Uart 2 and set telemetry to smart port in Uart 3.

If you require any other information, you may try this manual, however it is the DELUXE board, so some features may be different.






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