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If your network adapters are not getting any traffic through them and are limited or showing no details / blank in the confiuration you might have an antivirus program that has not uninstalled/installed properly.
If your wireless network adapter (WiFi card) cannot find wireless networks, or is connected with limited access, try the following steps:
1. In Windows 7 and up (including Windows 10), open control panel and go to ‘Network and Sharing Center’
2. To the left-hand side of the window, you will see ‘Change adapter settings’. Click on this.
3. Identify your wireless network adapter and right-click on it, then select ‘Properties’
4. Under the heading ‘This connection uses the following items’ you may see an option called ‘AVG Firewall’ or something similar (even if you have uninstalled AVG)
5. Uncheck the AVG option and click ‘OK’
Your PC should now connect to your wireless network.
It is also recommended that you run the AVG removal tool. The tool can be downloaded here:
The following steps can be changed for similar or other antivirus programs as well.
This free troubleshooting guide was provided by Phaser Computers

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