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Last Updated 14th June 2016

Here I will address quite a few problems with the Eachine Falcon 180, and walk you through fixing them.

If you have never upgraded or used Cleanflight, the details may be very technical, but I will try my best for step by step instructions.

Let me address some of them here as well as screenshots of all the default settings at the bottom. I will attempt to rectify and help Blade185 buyers fix most of the issues I have found.

The Issues

  1. i6 Eachine transmitter has locked Bootloader by Default – Can’t change any settings
  2. AUX 1 is set to Knob VRA and it does nothing.
  3. AUX 2 is set to Knob VRB
  4. LED Bar easily comes off
  5. Aerials aren’t mounted properly
  6. No Flight Modes set, only Acro Mode!
  7. Comes with default base flight instead of cleanflight and its  Running old firmware released on: Aug 27 2015

The Solutions

  1. To Change the Eaching i6 Transmitter settings, Hold the yaw trim to the right, the roll trim to the left and turn on the transmitter. You can then enter settings by holding down ok on the Transmitter
  2. Part of solution 3
  3. Now that you can enter the setup of i6, goto Functions Setup, Aux Channels, then change Chanel 5 to SwB and Channel 6 to Swc. Hold down Cancel to SAVE. Switches for modes and settings are way better than turning Knobs!
  4. Simply put some hot glue on the led connection, this should give it some strength and stay attached in light crashes.
    IMG_20160605_134448 IMG_20160605_140637 IMG_20160605_141316
  5. Get the cable ties out push the antennas through the centre and out the back. There is lots of ways aerials can be remounted, mine is the 2 minute fix.
    Cables come like this
    Pull the cables through the back near aerial instead IMG_20160605_140242
    Cable tie and make it neat
    Cable tie to the side legs.
  6. See step 7.
  7. This last stage is quite a bit of work, but hang in there. We are going to convert the baseflight to the latest Cleanflight 2.8, set it all up and configure the switches.

    Convert Eachine 180 Falcon Nazd32 Baseflight to Cleanflight

  1. Remove Props from Quad.
  2. Install the Cleanflight Configurator from the Chrome Web Store.
  3. Download Latest cleanflight or Betaflight _NAZE.hex from release pages.
    For difference on Cleanflight vs Betaflight view this article.
  4.  In Cleanflight Configuration, make sure you disconnect from your quad, then click the firmware flasher tab.
    2016-06-05 16_27_18-Cleanflight - Configurator
  5. Click Load Firmware [Local]
  6. Select file you downloaded from Step 3.
  7. Select These options as per screenshot
    2016-06-05 16_29_02-Cleanflight - Configurator
  8. Click Flash Firmware
  9. You are now on Cleanflight/Betaflight!
  10. Click Connect at the top right and if successful you should see your quad like this
    2016-06-05 16_30_37-Cleanflight - Configurator
  11. You can check what version the chip is running by expanding the log
    2016-06-05 16_30_58-
    2016-06-05 16_31_19-Cleanflight - Configurator
  12. Place Quad on flat surface and under setup, click calibrate accelerometer.
  13. Go to Configration tab
    Change minimum throttle to 1050
    Change Maximum throttle to 1950
    Save and reboot
    Your screen should look like this
    2016-06-05 16_56_40-Cleanflight - Configurator
  14. Now we need to calibrate ESC,  go to the motor tab. remember, you should have removed props at the start, if you didn’t, DO THIS NOW.
    Unplug battery
    Click “I Understand the risks …….”
    Slide Master to MAX
    Plug in battery, wait till you have heard all different types of beeps.
    Slide Master to MIN
    ESC Calibration is now complete, however you must test that it has worked correctly.Click master, then push the up arrow on your keyboard. You are checking that all motors spin at the same throttle input. Mine All turned on at 1048, correct!
    If they come on at different throttle inputs, redo your calibration.
  15. Now go back to the Configuration tab
    Change minimum throttle to 1050
    Change Maximum throttle to 1935
    Save and reboot
  16. Next go to the Failsafe tab
    Check you are happy with what the failsafe is. I like it to slowly land, others like it to drop. There is pros and cons to both. Research what you want 🙂
  17. Next go to PID Tuning
    Change roll rate to 0.80
    Change pitch rate to 0.80
    Change YAW rate to 0.40
    TPA should be 0.20
    TPA breakpoint should be 1650You can up these rates more if you like.Now set your PIDS to this. Please note this was for Betaflight 2.8.0 Be careful as different firmware will need different PIDS.
    2016-06-14 08_18_36-MainWindow
  18. Now go to receiver tab, and check all your transmitter channels are correct.
  19.  Since we changed the knobs to switches for AUX 1 and AUX 2, we can now move on to next section and setup the switches.
  20. Go to The Modes TabFYI, No mode selected = ACRO+ / Rate mode by default.
    Altitude mode = Angle Mode
    Rattitude  mode = Horizon ModeIn the below screenshot I have setup the following for my switches.
    SWB 1 = Nothing
    SWB 2 = Quad Armed
    SWC 1 = Angle
    SWC 3 = Horizon
    2016-06-05 17_11_11-Cleanflight - Configurator
    If you are a more advanced Pilot, you may want to change SWB 2 to Airmode and still use the Yaw right, Yaw left to arm and disarm.
  21. Other Notes
    Unfortunately this quad does not have a buzzer so we can’t use that feature.
    It does have LED control, however when using Betaflight it seems if PWM for the receiver is being used, LED_strip can’t be used so the LEDS will just stay blue.
  22. Give it a test flight! Make sure you are open space in case you missed a step and it crashes.

Default Falcon 180 Baseflight Configuration Screenshots

2016-06-05 16_30_37-Cleanflight - Configurator

First Page
2016-06-05 13_57_58-Baseflight - Configurator

2016-06-05 13_58_31-


2016-06-05 13_58_23-Baseflight - Configurator

2016-06-05 13_58_09-Baseflight - Configurator


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    1. I’m not sure what software/version they have put on them, but the guide would be the same none the less.

  1. hi i am interested in buying this drone but i have a few questions,
    Firstly i am new to flying FPV so does the have a beginner mode, And second is this REALLY ready to fly because i ordered a racing drone from hobby king and when you took off it just buried itself in the ground.
    Thanks Sebastian

  2. Hi there,
    So what would be a good PID setting for a 4s set up with naze32 (if possible) on the 180 falcon? Iv got the already updated version from you guys running the 3s and love it I just think it’s time now for a 4s.

  3. In the above steps I can not seem to get the PID settings in the decimal you describe,
    example 0.009 and i can only get it down to 1 and up to 100 with no decimals.
    Also when calibrating the esc when i slide the master bar up then connect the battery i get no beeping as described and after re-calibrating again and again the motors continue to engage at different times. I’m using configurator 1.2.3 , version 1.13 this is the latest version i believe.

  4. It looks like the newest version of Cleanflight , 1.2.3 has changed the way the values are displayed. They are using integers, whole numbers to make things easier/consistent

    To convert, move the decimal point to the right to give you a whole number.
    (P) move 1 place to the right, 4.5 becomes 45
    (I) move 3 places to the right, 0,009 becomes 9
    (D) already an integer, just use the number, 25 is 25

    I’ve taken my Falcon 180 out for a quick LOS flight earlier with these settings:
    ROLL 45,9,25
    PITCH 62,12,26
    YAW 90,30,20

    And fly’s really, really well. So am sure this is how its suppose to work 🙂

  5. And the esc calibration? For the life of me I could not get the motors to spin up at the same time. After sliding the master bar to full then plugging in the battery I got no beeping as described, I’m thinking the fact I’m getting no beeping is why the calibration is not working. Iv gone through your steps about 10 times.

  6. Thank You for quick answer. Please tell me what is wrong, when I’m arming with SWB2 (thr=0%) props are spining. When I’m arming default with left stick (right down)prosp aren’t spinig.

    1. It’s because in first tab of cleanflight you have motor stop turned off. Thats how most people fly. When quad is armed, props spin at idle speed.

  7. Hello, great write up. I am having one major issue. I have successfully connected to clean flight changed pids etc. when I power on qua the LED”s are solid blue. As soon as I turn on transmitter, the leds blink as if I was turning left. I have a SPracingf3 fc PLEASE HELP! Thank you

  8. on the reciever tab i do not get any change when i move the sticks, the leds on the back of the quad chang but nothing on the screen.

  9. Good day

    I’m having trouble with my assassin 180
    I upgraded my firmware some time ago after changing radio I fitted the new RX and tried to check the setup in cleanflight
    I go the message that I need to upgrade the firmware and I did not I cannot connect to the NAZE controller at all
    it says opening port, communication timed, out closing port
    Tried to update firmware again and got the following message No response from bootloader
    I did make sure that the configuration plug is plugged in
    Still no response
    Please help

  10. First thing. I can’t get the eachine i6 to the settings. Not even moving the yaw and trim while turning it on. That doesn’t work. Also I can’t get the moters unlocked. Supposedly all you do is move both sticks down and into the center
    This doesn’t work
    Sssssooo frustrated right now.

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