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Matthew Evans did a great job with working out how to setup the Tiny Whoop with Orange Module 1.2


This page serves to be a complete guide with screenshots with every page on Taranis.

If you are having troubles the key points is this:

  • Set Orange Module so that it flashing ONCE.
  • If no throttle, power cycle quad and lift throttle up then down then up again and then repeat if nothing happens.
  • If still not having any luck, you may be missing a setting. Download my EEPE and load it here.

Complete Guide – Tiny Whoop Taranis Orange Module 1.2 Setup

  1. Screen 2/12 – Set a name, then turn internal RF OFF, external RF to PPM and ch1-12 IMG_20160703_121645
  2. Page 5/12 – The key is to setting SH to ch 5 so you cna flick the switch to switch between self level and ACRO mode.
  3. Page 6/12 – Set as per screenshot
  4. Page 7/12 – Set as per screenshot
  5. Now if you have done all the above, your orange module like below should be turned on. Push the Bind button three times (slowly) and it should change mode and blink once every 1 second.
    Once its blinking in the correct mode, turn off your Taranis, hold the bind button, and turn on taranis and keep holding bind until the quads lights stop flashing. You are now bound!If no throttle, power cycle quad and lift throttle up then down then up again and then repeat if nothing happens.


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  1. I have recently bought an OrangeRX transmitter module (with dip switches) for my Taranis QX7. I get it to bind with my inductrix FPV and it flies ok. Something weird is however happening. The blades stop spinning when the throttle stick is almost all the way down, but if I bring the throttle stick all the way down the blades start spinning again. I guess you could say that if we look a the throttle movement from -100 to 100, the blades stop spinning at -63 but start spinning again from -64 to -100.

    Does that make sense? Can anyone help?

    I’ve set up the taranis QX7 the way it is described in various video tutorials.

    Thank for the help

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